Under 21 in the State of Georgia?

If you are under 21, it does not take much to put you over the legal limit.  We jokingly say that if you breathe in the smell of a beer or a glass of wine, then you’re probably over the limit!

In the State of Georgia, minors are treated differently.  While the legal limit for “adults” is .08 grams of alcohol, minors only have to have a test of  a .02 grams to be above the limit.

Not only are the per se limits different, but the license penalties are also more severe.  When an “adult” is convicted of a first DUI offense, there is a conviction suspension of 120 days.  During that time the “adult” can have a limited permit.  HOWEVER, no such permit exists for minors, and the suspension is longer!

A minor convicted of a first DUI offense faces a 6 month driver’s license suspension if he/she  submits to a test and registers at .02 grams or more.  If the minor’s breath or blood test is .08 grams or more, his/her license will be suspended for 1 year! 

Just because the limit is so low, does not mean that a minor or his/her attorney  should negotiate a guilty plea to the DUI.  On the contrary, these cases CAN and SHOULD be defended!  There may be a number of problems with the case that could result in the case being negotiated to a lesser offense.

If you are under 21, do not make the mistake at going at this alone.  Call a qualified DUI defense attorney to investigate and defend your case!  School, jobs and future goals have been ruined for those who have chosen to not hire an attorney.  And, sadly, they could have prevented their losses if they had just contacted the right attorney. 

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