Mary was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time. Our under 21 year old son was facing a second DUI charge within a 12 month period. We were worried that a 2nd DUI conviction on his record would be a permanent scar and we were looking to find someone who would have the patience and compassion to walk us through this pending disaster and figure out a way to fight for us.

Mary was very responsive to our needs and gave considerable thought on how to navigate through all of the legal processes and procedures. Her effort, tactics and people skills were instrumental in getting these charges reduced to our satisfaction. Mary is a good person to have on your team when faced with legal uncertainty. Thanks for your help Mary.

In a time of crisis, Mary was the perfect attorney to have at my side. I had just recently graduated from law school and was getting ready to take the bar exam. If you are arrested for DUI, the state of Georgia will not allow you to sit for the bar for up to a year, even if the case is reduced to a Reckless Driving charge, because it arose from a DUI arrest.

The only thing to do was to go to trial and win or get the case dismissed. When I came to Mary, we had, literally, a month to make a decision on how to proceed. She told me to keep studying for the bar exam, and she would work to get it on an immediate trial calendar. With so much at stake in DUI proceedings, Mary instilled confidence in me as she aggressively pursued the best possible outcome. She was easy to communicate with and updated me regularly on the progress of my case.

Ultimately, Mary got my case dismissed, and I went on to take the bar exam, and, thankfully, passed. It was clear that the case was not dismissed because I was a law student, but because Mary attacked the field sobriety testing and the manner of reading the implied consent warning. Without Mary my career would not be in the positive place it is today. I am thankful to have had the resource of such a bright, confident attorney. If ever I needed a criminal defense attorney again, I would call Mary without hesitation.

Anonymous Attorney,


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