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Mary Guerin has been defending those with DUI arrests for 13 years and has focused the majority of her practice on this specialty area. No test result, no matter how high, merits an automatic DUI guilty plea.

For many, a DUI arrest is their first exposure to the legal system. Being charged with a DUI is a stressful time for anyone. With Guerin Law Firm, you are not alone. We are dedicated to defending your rights and guiding you through this difficult time.

People have many concerns about how a DUI charge may affect their job, license to drive, insurance rates, and daily life. We understand these issues and are prepared to handle your case and address your concerns, so you can return to your normal life.

Every case is thoroughly analyzed in regard to the validity of the test, the procedure of law enforcement when administering field sobriety, and the condition of both the driving and the driver. DUI defense requires staying on top of the law and science. Through constant training, we make sure to keep current of innovative scientific and legal defenses and the latest technologies.

We believe that you have a right to refuse any state test, whether that be field sobriety testing, or a breath or blood test. If you exercise your right to refuse, we are here to support you and stand as your advocate. Refusing tests do not make you guilty – we will fight for your right to refuse.

If you are visiting our website, you, or someone you care about, have likely been arrested for DUI or some other criminal matter. This may be one of the most disempowering, depressing times in your life. Let us be your advocate. Let us lift the weight off your shoulders. Let us defend your honor.

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